Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Before Baby's Birth:(How to make gestation period exciting??)

The way i took my first pregnancy was really simple,easy and also exciting.Of course i did not forget the important stuffs too.I wish each and every woman in this universe enjoy their childbirth with less pain and more comfort.Before going further i wanna say that giving birth to a boy or a girl or together is a very big miracle which most of us do wonder; the biological,hormonal... process that takes place throughout the gestation period is a difficult thing-no doubt at all,i agree.
But its in our hands to make it simple,less complicated,do not worry about those processes and make life easier.Also a point to note is that "every woman should be proud of themselves to be a mother".
OK!! lets look at some important care tips before childbirth:

1.. As soon as you hear you're pregnant, enjoy the wonderful moment(esp if its first one).Go out,have your favorite food,share your emotions with friends,family,relatives....This would make you feel healthy and happy.

2.. Mostly in your first month,theres nothing much to do.Just sit back and relax also do not strain much.

3.. In the second month slow down your activities a bit; most of them might feel nauseous and have morning sickness,while others do not overdo anything.

4.. The best way to reduce vomitting is to always have some salt crackers and water handy.Trust me this does a wonderful job especially in the third month.

5.. The fourth month will be light with less nauseous,little or no vomit(s) and slowly the baby would have developed to an extent where you can hear "The Heart Beat" for the first time;isnt it exciting to feel there is a life in you.(Some may listen in 3rd month itself)
*********still more to come..........keep checking.........